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Welcome to the Academy of Decorative Cosmetics

For more than 25 years the academy has educated make-up artists and stylists. Many of our former students have achieved success and honors in competitions.

In 2014 one of our students won the Danish championship. No less than 20 times a student of ours has obtained this reward. Over the years our students have won more than 70 national and international competitions.

Being a small private school, with relatively few students to every class, is the secret of this.

  • Theory and trainee period in all fundamental principles
  • The practical skills and the basic knowledge of the make-up artisti
  • A coaching constantly supervised by our able teachers, all of them with experiences from Milan, London and Hamburg

Down through the years, we have co-operated closely with MAKE UP FOR EVER in Paris.

The whole range of products from this wide professional series, is at the disposal for our students as part of the education.

The academy is situated at the pedestrian street in the center of Odense. One hours drive from Copenhagen. In each class there is a maximum of 12 students and a minimum of 8

Vestergade 59,1 - DK 5000 Odense C

The Course

This course is intended for people who work with makeup daily, or dream of acquiring the skill set of a modern professional makeup artist. The makeup industry is in constant change and keeping up to date on new products, trends and techniques is paramount.

This course will update you on the state of the industry while improving your skills.

Color Theory






Full Course Content

Study of the Skin

  • Analysis and preparation of the skin.
  • How to recognize skin types and any discoloration or allergies.
  • Selection and choice of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, primers, BB cream, CC cream and DD cream.

Color Theory

  • Primary, secondary and complementary colors


  • Choice and different types of foundation related to color
  • skin type, texture and airbrush techniques
  • Various combinations and application techniques

Corrective and Comouflage techniques

  • Correction techniques for chloasma, acne, dark circles or rosacea

Sculpting & Shading (sculpt and shape)

  • Analysis and preparation of the skin.
  • Remold facial shapes by learning to emphasize its features, creating light and shadows

Powders (powder)

  • Learning application of loose and pressed powders aspects and techniques

Definition of eyebrows

  • How to emphasize the natural line
  • hair removal
  • correction techniques
  • filling

The eye

  • Corrective techniques
  • Selection and application of eye shadow
  • Powder eye shadows and cream
  • Different types of mascara and their use
  • Methods for application of pencils
  • Eyeliners and kohl

The mouth

  • Study of the proportions
  • Hydration
  • Design and harmony between the eyes and lips
  • The selection and choice of colors
  • Techniques and application of lipstick and lip glosses

Powder blushers and cream

  • Application Techniques of cream blushers and powder, satin or matt

Finishing makeup

  • Satin or Matt
  • Blanding
  • Fixing
  • Definition of the Eyes
  • Cheekbones and Light Points

Makeup style categories

  • Wedding Makeup
  • Oriental makeup
  • Fashion makeup
  • Anti-Ageing makeup
  • Organic/Nude makeup
  • Photo makeup (color/black & white)
  • Stage and show makeup
  • Avantgarde makeup

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